Peru/Chile Day 11 of 65

Saturday, 09/16/2017…

Woke up feeling pretty darn good and then sharted…y’all know what I mean. It made for an eventful morning.

TMI? That’s sort of the theme for this blog now I think.

Annnyyyywwaaay, feeling sort of stomach sick as you can imagine on top of the exhaustion from the past two days of hiking and I’ve decided to stay in bed today. I went to the grocery store to buy some Gatorade to try and stay hydrated and some more water and enough food to last until I leave and it cost about $30. My beautiful world full of snow-capped mountains and crystal streams has crashed all around me and it’s back to dirty city life that I know so intimately and I feel like screaming at the taxis that honk their horns every block. There was a really drunk guy yelling outside of our window all night long until I fell asleep. “Puta this” and “puta that” and then the loudest, gargliest laugh you’ve ever heard — he sounded like he was under water.

Even when I do fall asleep I wake up about four times a night probably when other people move around or just from the altitude or stress. I’ve been watching YouTube videos all morning and laughing at some of them. This dude Matty Matheson is hilarious, a big Canadian chef who screams everything and says some of the most random funny shit I’ve ever heard he is an instant legend to me. It makes me want to create web content that makes people happy because it has been like medicine to me over the past few hours.

Even now I can feel my stomach gurgling around. I hope it settles in a few days otherwise I’m going to start popping Cipro which I really didn’t want to do on this trip, and certainly not so early. I have so much food beside my bed right now it’s kind of stupid but I need to eat some of it to try and get some vitamins and minerals in my body because I think I’m malnourished right now. The altitude and stress is really fucking with me I didn’t think it would be this hard, what the fuck was I thinking leaving home for two months like I’m some kind of pro world adventurer. I’m soft. I’m weak. I’m breaking but I will be fine I know this deep down it’s just hard right now.

Back to YouTube and maybe a nap. Luckily I don’t feel super fatigued but I think the beginnings of depression because this is how I always act when I start to lose my edge.

I also bought some travel insurance through World Nomad today for $215 I hope it’s wasted cash and I never have to use it but it will be incredibly helpful if I ever have to go to the hospital for an illness on this trip or if I lose my luggage in transit or have anything stolen. You can see my mind has turned to a dark place…

The lack of privacy is really starting to get to me and every little thing is annoying the shit out of me. There is some kind of worker in my room right now and just making some rubbing sound like changing the sheets or something normal but it won’t stop and I’m gonna lose it. Haha I’m a wreck today. I shouldn’t even put any of this online but I will because I want to remember this part too. If you are reading this and know me, please don’t actively judge me, we can talk about it later if you want.

It’s 8 pm and I’ve done nothing today but watch YouTube videos and squirt water out of my asshole once an hour. I also ate a grilled cheese sandwich and some chips and drank a Gatorade and some water, some comfort food helped ease my stomach and mind. I’m trying to stay hydrated but it’s not that easy I guess.

Other than that I feel pretty good and I don’t feel sick other than my rumbling guts and I’m in reasonably good spirits compared to this morning. I just hope that it doesn’t get any worse. I have some acid reflux going on but it might be my weird diet right now. I never thought about it really but I ate so good and easily vegan in my daily life and here it is actually hard so I need to retrain myself with good eating habits. I’m just gonna keep taking vitamins and trying my hardest and maybe my body will get used to it.

See you on the other side…


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