Peru/Chile Day 13 of 65

Monday, 09/18/2017…

I wish you could take a picture of smells. Amazing sights and photos of city life and rural culture just don’t fully communicate the whole feeling of being in a place. A video with sounds and motion start to convey the life-feel and commotion of Huaraz but the smells complete it. Around every corner is a new odor, some delicious and some gagging awful, but no less it’s the smell of life here that is so special.

I booked a bus up to Postoruri Glacier tomorrow and hoping it’ll be as incredible as Laguna 69. I will rest one more day. It’s raining off and on all day and my positivity is coming back!

Everyone here frowns all the time maybe it’s a cultural thing or maybe it’s just the altitude and the sun or the poverty and the poor air quality but nobody seems to smile and laugh except children and drunk people. Maybe that’s the sad truth and hardness of life, something we try to ignore and avoid back home in the states.

I am growing everyday, stronger and more adaptive to the challenges of life. So much of my traveling life right now is uncertain and tinged with fear and it just echoed so much for me it was unreal.

“Certainty is a fallacy,” I said. And I believe it.

There is only one way to live, abiding in uncertainty and risk because safety and stability is an illusion. The world never stops changing and growing. The future doesn’t exist yet, we are creating it every moment we exist. It’s consciousness expanding, in whatever form you allow it. It takes a lot of positive energy and effort and putting yourself out there for the world. The world gives it back and keeps on spinning this crazy story outward and onward until…

Went to drop my laundry off at the cleaners, Lavandería Dennys, today and came back hours later to a beautiful pink shirt. One of many lovely souvenirs from this trip 🙂 I also bought this amazing hat and cooked myself a dinner with coconut milk and potato and carrot and dehydrated soy protein and lots of garlic and ginger and it tasted so good and cooking makes me feel at home anywhere in the world I’m realizing and today is such a turn around from the past two…It’s amazing how life will flip upside down in an instant, another reason to keep moving forward with positivity and hope and one of the million reasons to be thankful for every moment that we have in this world.

But everything balances out and unfortunately there is little hope for these chickens and cuy sold alive from mesh bags where they are piled on top of each other squirming and fighting for position and desperate for life and are likely totally terrified in the moment when a strange hand reaches in and grabs their selection to take home and roast up. This is the old way, I know, and I’m not here to judge other cultures but I am reaffirmed in my vegetarian lifestyle and choices.

See u at tha glacier…


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