Peru/Chile Day 28 of 65

Martes, 10/03/2017…

Woke up to sweet song of birds chirping and the soft morning light peeking through my window. Let me lie with you all morning and wash your spirit the pure light insists, prying through loose folds of the orange curtain.

I oblige.

It’s now 9 a.m. and though I was up early to a mysterious alarm from the beach and wanted to start exploring, I’m still in bed listening to jazz standards and drinking Nescafé. A peaceful and quiet morning at last. One without strange people packing their strange gear next to my ear. One without a time limit on breakfast or an impending check-out hour. No matter how long I sleep the waves will still be there to greet me, laughing and playing and lapping against the Chilean sandy shores.

The day can wait. I need this.

The constant breeze off the southern Pacific keeps everything cool here and at night I kept warm under two comforters and a wool blanket. My cocoon. My nest. I feel safe and secure, a precious treasure on this journey. I savor it a while longer and it’s made even sweeter with a conversation from home.

But now recharged and showered finally I make my way into 57-degree stunning daylight. I turn my cheek to the spring sun and bask in its warmth like a lizard on a rock. Wash me clean.

Wow… walked about 6 km to Punta de Lobos, a famous surf spot here in Pichilemu and was totally blown away. The ocean has some special powers of healing and regeneration and rejuvenation. I climbed around the rocks by the water and down to where the water sprayed against the edge of the cliffs and sat for a while in awe of the 15 foot waves and the courage that it takes to paddle straight into them and then to climb on top of them and try to ride down the crazy slide. There were a bunch of surfers out there and I stared for a while and took a lot of pictures and got my feet and shoes soaking wet trying to climb on top of this big rock for a better view but I don’t even care. I started to walk back home but waved down the first colectivo I saw and paid 1,000 for a ride back to the center of Pichilemu.

The famous “Atlantis”

After a short rest I walked around the touristy beach area near the center of town looking for some surf classes but I was too late for today and all of the shops here give lessons at 11 each day and they told me to come back tomorrow. I think it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow, but I will try anyway.

After walking the beach some more I returned to my room around 5 p.m. and made the mistake of sitting in my bed where I promptly passed out for two hours straight. Now it’s starting to get dark and I haven’t done that much today but that’s okay I told myself this would be a real beach vacation, and if I want to sit around and do nothing I should be happy to do that. Relaxing in my room I am listening to music and uploading some photos and basically doing nothing at all tonight.

I’m not a tourist. I’m not anything, just me.

It feels good but it’s hard to turn it off sometimes, and I get the feeling like I’m wasting time but that is all in my mind. Tomorrow will be a new day and I can start again. If it rains all day, no big deal, I can relax some more. It’s supposed to be really nice this weekend anyway.


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