Peru/Chile Day 29 of 65

Miércoles, 10/04/2017…

I wake up to a gray cloudy day in Pichilemu and by 9 am the wind is whipping the palm trees outside my window. They dance and sway with each ocean gust. By 10 it’s finally raining. The steady patter on the corrugated plastic roof outside my boarding room window in Atlantis is soothing and I am happy to stay inside for the day. All sources say the rain will continue until dusk — 100% precipitation until 8 p.m.

I read and write the day away. It’s comforting until the restlessness sets in.

I talked with Ben for a few minutes over coffee this morning. He got TEFL certified last year through a big company’s program in Costa Rica and got a job immediately.

He offered to give me the contact information for the school he taught at and I thanked him. After one school year of teaching in Costa Rica he started looking around for where he wanted to live next. He said he felt really lucky to find the job here because it’s such a small town and there’s really only one English school here.

“It sounds kind of cheesy how they offer you a chance to see the world by teaching English, but it’s really been true,” he said.

He is a surfing fanatic and was probably beyond stoked to land the job in this surfer’s paradise.

I poured myself some more coffee as he had to leave to get ready to go teach one of his classes for the day. He prepares lesson plans and activities and has anywhere from one to four classes, five days a week.

I listened to the Yankees/Twins wild card game last night, the first game of the 2017 playoffs. It felt really good to be connected to the sport I’ve missed playing and talking about with my Scrapperz these past few weeks. A little taste of home goes a long way, but of course the fucking Yankees won.

Cooked the strangest lunch of my life today because I didn’t feel like walking through the downpour to the full kitchen in the main house. The ingredients weren’t strange at all, it was the technique. Julia Child would be rolling over in her grave… I cooked parboiled rice and precooked lentils in the microwave and dumped some really tasty salsa ají pebre on top of it all and it was actually really good. I washed it all down with some more Nescafé instant coffee while listening to the rain, now falling harder than ever. How long will this last?

Holy crap 9 hours of rain so far and seems like it will never end…see you tomorrow if this town isn’t an island by then.


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