Peru/Chile Day 34 of 65

Lunes, 10/09/2017…

Woke up feeling strange — it’s hard to keep moving around so much and to remember where I am sometimes, waking up in a dark dorm room in a strange bed with strange sheets and new smells and sounds. It takes a few moments to gather myself.

After breakfast I walked outside, not sure what to do or where to go because everything seems to be closed on Mondays here and on top of that it’s Columbus Day here, but they call it Día de la Raza.

So I just started walking around and saw all these people in exercise clothes walking and running towards the huge hill in Bellavista and decided to follow them all and walked up a big hill then sideways onto a dirt path up a steeper hill and now sweating and breathing deep into the bottom of my lungs I get to the top and it’s this massive virgin mother statue and a beautiful little chapel and tears well up in my eyes and my life feels like a roller coaster the emotional mood swings of this trip are too much sometimes. I need to chill.

Feeling better after some exercise I rode the teleférico, a hanging cablecar, across Santiago’s giant the park and then walked back to the hostel for some lunch.

After tea i took a little nap before heading back out into the streets of Santiago to explore. This city is huge and on foot I can barely make a dent. No need. Off to Patagonia tomorrow where a new adventure awaits.


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